• Deniz Mistepe


It is almost done…

I see…

I am glad you finished it!

… (The girl smiles.)

Did you know?

Life is a road where doors and bridges connect to each other.

We always find ourselves in front of a new door or on a new bridge.

Actually it is all up to us; how easily a door will open or how long a journey on a bridge will take…

I think that it is very important to be aware of the keys that one needs to open a door.

It could be a guitar getting alive by the touch of your fingers, the dance of your brush on the canvas, or the café on the corner which is the décor of your most dear moments…

You should always have a key to open these doors.

Or I am telling this for you; perhaps you are not yet aware of these keys.

The keys that will take you away…

Or it could be a different point of view that everybody needs to ponder upon. The keys that each person should find about life…

Now you are right about it.

It could even be a song that will open the door.

A song that will make you forget the place where you are when you hear it…

Or the scent of a perfume.

That will make you forget about time…

Or the cover of a book…

On the counter in front of the wooden window at the bazaar.

Or, who knows, maybe a love.

Such that will make you smile from the heart when you reminisce about it…

I don’t know!..

It was such a time that I lived in. All the keys got lost. I couldn't find any of them.

After all, there are a lot of things worth living for that will remind you of the keys that you own.

Indeed, did you go to the locksmith?

An old friend that knows you better than yourself?

He wasn't there I think… (Both smile)

It is a beautiful song! (Piano playing, Jacintha’s voice. Here’s To Life)

No matter what, life is beautiful!

I don’t like saying that life is beautiful.

Every time I feel like I am offering a cheap consultation.

I think that the truth contained in the repeated sentences which has a great contribution.

It is nice to say every time you feel it.

When good things happen, don’t let them slip away…

Please try to be somewhere there until we see each other again in the shortest possible time..

I hope so… (The dream of the girl disappears with a smile)


* Photo: Coco Chanel

* Music: Jacintha - Here's to Life

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