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Design is a field on where you work easily and freely as long as you desire to put something on life. The key is not to lose the passion, colours, lights that excites you and the shades reflect on your daily life.

Design is a concept that exists with your dreams. You need to believe in your own and fictional world, and afterwards make your dreams into reality.

Process starts with your feelings, develops with your thoughts and in the end turns into a form enamours with itself. That is, it doesn’t go on without passion, without love, without excitement and light.

Each moment of life has multiple impacts on dreams and accordingly on designs.

It’s vital to know yourself as well as you’re able to do that. You shouldn’t ignore the fragile correlation between being aware of yourself and your art to be understood.

Passions which belong to the present day and stand between yesterday’s experiences and tomorrow’s dreams, are the most substantial sources of creativity.

Design is an outpicture of art which helps “You” to describe and exhibited on three trivets formed by the past, present and future.

To maintain the process ending with love, you need to take the valuable items which you collected in the past out of chest.

Priceless items of your personal treasures are; voices, colours and scents.

It might be a journey that suddenly takes you to along by a perfume full of jasmine scent when you are walking on cobblestone streets.

Or, it might be sounds of waves accompanying the white clipper dancing with the sunset.

Azure doors and windows on the lane decorated with green ivies crept to the stone walls on both sides.

Yet more, the white dress belongs to the leading lady in the black and white photo hanging on that wall...

Every item in the treasure, is like the paint you used on your canvas that describes your new designed world.

Each missing colour is a space that left on canvas.

Each sound that you cannot hear, is a forgotten blush stroke.

Each odor that hidden in the depths of chest, means separation from the soul of picture.

To make a sense of life, is possible to live it deeply. To able to feel ...

Which I try to explain;

Art, is a reflection of feelings in different forms into the life.

The interpretation of art forms in a daily life is;


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